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cher_o_matic's Journal

The Cher Community
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Hello, and welcome to cher_o_matic. This is a community that posts regularly about Cher & things happening in her life. We post pictures, quotes, dates, articles, links, etc.

In case you don't know who Cher is (uh, wow!), you can find a biography of her here. You may also look through entries made by cher_o_matic members, for they give a pretty good view on who Cher is.

So you know who Cher is, but you want to know more about her music & movies? Well look no further! If you click here, you will be directed to a discography of Cher complete with tracklistings. For a filmography, if you click here then you will be, yet again, directed to a wonderful filmography done by imdb.com.

You still want information on Cher? Well, we have searched out the best of the best Cher sites out there for you to look at! If you have a site you want to be put on the list, email nobunnies (becki25@juno.com), who is the moderator, or ketchonade (ketchonade@hotmail.com), who loves working with profiles.

Cher's Official Site
Just Plain Cher
Everything Cher
Island of Cher
Cher Impersonator

Join cher-o-matic! It would make everyone here AND Cher (hey, I'm sure she would be if she knew) happy. Post what you know, introduce yourself, tell us your favourite movies, CDs, songs, etc and show us your favourite pictures. On a more serious note, though, we don't want people who are going to be mean to Cher (what's the point of joining a Cher community if you don't like her?) or other members. We also don't want any homophobic or racist remarks; keep that stuff in your own journal.