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new album, and Vegas???

I just saw this on a blog called "Robin Leach's Vegas Luxe Life;" one of the main sources is Perez Hilton, so I'm not too sure how reliable it is. But there seems to be a quote from Cher herself about her new album!


Plans are now being finalized by Cher, her management team, the executives of AEG Concerts and Caesars Palace for the official announcement of her new contract as one of the entertainers taking over for Celine Dion at The Colloseum.

LUXE LIFE has learned that preparations are in the works for tickets to go on sale mid-November for her first shows starting in April next year - a month after Bette Midler’s debut there! It’s believed that the official announcement will be made the day the tickets start selling. Between now and then, Cher’s advertising and marketing campaign with new photographs, costumes and sets will commence early September - and she’s got to complete her new CD this fall.

Cher’s World

My gossip-star friend, Perez Hilton has confirmed all my reports about Cher’s upcoming Vegas show and says that she gave an interview to Chrome Hearts magazine talking about the new record:

“The truth is the songs are great. I’m totally into this album; the songs are the hardest songs. I don’t know why, but I picked the hardest songs that I’ve ever had to do on an album. I just picked them because I love them and didn’t think about actually having to sing them and they are very, very difficult. I haven’t started the album yet, but I have all the songs. I was supposed to start it, but I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t good enough. I have to really buckle down. I’ve got to do some serious, serious work. I should have done it when I got off the road, but we didn’t have all the songs. I picked the songs song-by-song. It’s not any kind of real music. It’s not a genre. It’s just great songs. More with a rock feeling to them, but not necessarily rock. Just with a great beat and also some of them sound really country.”

LUXE LIFE readers knew before anybody anywhere that Bette Midler was the first superstar contracted with Sir Elton John to fill Celine’s shoes when she leaves in December after an incredibly successful five year run to begin a world tour and then retire temporarily to have a second baby. Bette will begin her run in February when the sloped stage of Celine’s “A New Day” show will be changed for the new singers. However, both ladies in their 60’s have requested Celine’s humidification system remain in place to prevent the problems of “desert throat.”

Sir Elton’s contract at the Collosseum expires early 2009 and LUXE LIFE knows that the giant Anschultz Entertainment Group production company - owned by Colorado oil mogul, Phillip Anschultz - that runs the theater has reached out to a number of stars, including David Bowie, to take over when the Rocket Man moves on from Vegas. No word on who the third superstar will be yet, but Jerry Seinfeld will continue his four long weekend comedy gigs.

LUXE LIFE will continue to monitor the ongoing developments and new star plans at Caesars, and when Cher comes to conquer in November we’ll have all the exciting exclusive news fast and first!

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